North Kerala as a hot spot for vacation homes and retirement homes:

Published: 19th February 2007
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Beyond doubt Kerala is one of the best places in India. It is known as God's own country and a fascinating piece of land in the South West corner of Indian peninsula, sandwiched between the tall mountains and Arabian Sea. Kerala is a long stretch of enticing greenery. The tall exotic coconut tree governs the landscape. The only thing you can see from higher altitude is coconut tree tops. Kerala is derived from the word "Kera" (coconut).
While Kerala is famous for its beautiful beaches and backwaters, as you move further from the coast and leave the beaches and backwaters behind, you will find the roads winding upwards along the Western Ghats that are the hill ranges in Kerala.
Kerala has many beautiful hill stations like Munnar, Idukki, Wagamon which is at the south and Wayanad in the north. These beautiful hill stations are also the sources of famous spices in Kerala. Spices such as pepper, tea, coffee, cardamom have been grown in plantations on these hill stations in Kerala, for centuries.

The southern Kerala is crowded with tourists and hence a bit crowded. Because of this the room rent, Ayurveda treatment costs, real estate etc. have gone over the roof. Because of these reasons tourists are moving towards north Kerala and Wayanad is a natural choice for weekend getaways.
The tourism potential for Wayanad is yet to be tapped and if you are someone thinking of investment then you can buy a resort or buy a vacation home for almost the price of renting resorts for a big vacation in other parts of Kerala. With the new regulation foreigners can buy built properties in India easily.

An escape home in the lush green hills of Kerala with almost zero pollution is something everybody dreams off. The temperature at wynad is generally 5 degrees lesser than most parts of Kerala. More and more people are going in for a second home/ retirement home, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where they can unwind and Wayanad and the hill fringes of Kerala are the most favored spots for buying or renting vacation homes.

Located in the north east of Kerala, Waynad is 2100ft above sea level and the climate is pleasant all throughout the year.

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